Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms
Showroom Location:
Peanut Oil
Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Automatic Grade:
Production Capacity:
Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Brand Name:
Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.
1 Year, 12 Months
Key Selling Points:
Long Service Life
Marketing Type:
New Product 2021
Machinery Test Report:
Video outgoing-inspection:
Warranty of core components:
2 years
Core Components:
Pressure vessel, Gear, Bearing, Gearbox
Oil type:
Peanut Oil, groundnut oil
Max Capacity:
1000 kg/h
Raw material:
peanut/Soybean/ Seasame/ Sunflower seed/
Oil Pressing
Screw Oil Expeller
Stainess Steel
High Oil Yield Efficiency
Used for:
Oil Processing
Product name:
High performance screw groundnut oil processing machine
After Warranty Service:
Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service Location:
France, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, India, Spain, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
After-sales Service Provided:
Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support

screw groundnut peanut oil processing machine machinery

High performance screw groundnut oil processing machine

Peanut oil is a kind of edible oil with light yellow color, peanut aroma and delicious taste, which is easy to digest. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in peanut oil accounts for about 80% of total fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acid is a kind of beneficial fatty acid to human body. It can protect human blood vessel wall and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, peanut oil is a healthy and delicious edible oil, and its market prospects are very broad.

screw groundnut peanut oil processing machine machinery

1. Equipment Introduction

The YZYX120WZ series automatic temperature controlling combined oil press made by our company are suitable for squeezing vegetable oil from rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seed, tung oil seed, sunflower seed and palm kernel, etc. The product has characteristics of small investment, big capacity, strong oil material compatibility, auto feeding and high oil output, etc. It is widely used in middle & small oil refinery and rural enterprise.

YZYX120WZ automatic temperature controlling combined oil press is developed on the basis of the single machine to meet the market demands. The function of auto-heating the press cage has replaced the traditional way by squeezing residue cake, which could shorten the preparation work, reduce the energy consumption and abrasion, and thus lengthen the durability. When the squeezing is suspended, the temperature can be maintained by this system. In the meanwhile, this machine was added with filtration function. The crude oil discharged from the press cage will directly be filtrated by the vacuum filtration system. Comparing with the traditional plate frame filtration machine, the vacuum filtration machine is lighter, easier to operate and more convenient to clean the residue (so the residue can be re-squeezed in time if necessary). The structure of this combined oil press is compact, only requires a small working place and saves labor. It is ideal equipment for medium or small oil refinery and enterprise, especially suitable for processing material supplied by clients in rural area.

2. Main Features

Below features are based on oil plants with above average quality smoothly and continuously squeezed after good pretreatments, such as screening, husking, flaking and cooking, etc.

Oil Plants

Processing Capacity(t/24h)

Oil content of

Dry cakes


Oil yield



Electricity consumption(kW·h/t)






Cotton seeds
















1. It is normal that sometimes the actual results may be a little different from those in the index, for the oil plant’s type, quality and original content may be different in different areas.

2. The day capacity (t/24h) is based on using hot way to squeeze one time. If use cold way to squeezing two or three times, the day capacity will be 1/2 or 1/3 time less accordingly. The more the squeeze times are, the lower the date capacity is.

3. Technical




Processing capacity(t/24h)


Residue oil cake(%)


Spiral axes rotate speed(r/min)


Main electromotor power(kw)


The power for filtration(kw)


Temperature control power(kw)






4. Operation of Oil Press Machine

a. When oil press is on work, material enters the extruding chamber from the hopper and then moves forwards by the rotating pressing screw and is pressed.
b. Under high temperature condition in the chamber, there is quite strong friction among press screw, chamber and the oil materials.
c. On the other hand, root diameter of the pressing screw carries larger from one end to the other.
d. Hence when rotating, the thread not only pushes particles moving forwards but also turns them outwards as well.
e. Meanwhile, particles adjacent the screw will rotate along with screw’s rotating, causing every particle inside the chamber to possess different speed.
f. Therefore, relative movement among particles creates neat which is necessary during manufacturing because of helping protein change property, damage colloid, increase plasticity, decrease oil’s elasticity, resulting in high oil.

Generally speaking, the process of oil extraction is divided into three parts: pretreatment, oil extraction and refining.

Pretreatment refers to the removal of oil shell and impurities in oil seeds by various machines or manual means, which can improve oil extraction efficiency, reduce equipment wear and improve oil quality.

There are two ways to get oil, one is to press oil, the other is to extract oil. We should according to the daily capacity and the different oil seeds, choose a better way of extracting oil. If you have a plan to establish an edible oil extracting company and want to know more about the industry, please contact us. We will arrange professional sales engineers for each customer to solve your problems.

Refining is the removal of impurities from the extract

Screw Groundnut Peanut Oil Processing Machine Machinery