neem oil extraction machine
Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Automatic Grade:
Production Capacity:
Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Brand Name:
Hongde seed oil extraction machine
Model Number:
10 TPD avocado oil mill project 180123
40 feet container
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
CE ISO certificated seed oil extraction machine
Customers’ request
Method of supply:
Can be OEM
Delivery time:
Within 30 days
Year of manufacture:
12 Months
Price leve:
Wholesale low price
High oil yield
Machinery type:
screw avocado oil mill project
Raw material:
Oil bearing seeds, including ginger neem sunflower
Spare parts:
Sufficient and cheap spare parts supply

Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project
Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project for sale

Hongde 10 TPD avocado oil mill project

YZS-130 avocado oil mill project is the core machinery of 10 TPD oil extraction line. This avocado oil mill project is an advanced oil expeller which maintains the benefits of traditional oil presses but with a sturdier structure, and adds an automatic heater for hot extrusion and increases the rate of oil output. It is capable of pre-pressing in submerging oil workshops. The YZS-130 avocado oil mill project features reliable performance and is specially designed to produce oil with a capacity of 10 tons per day.
Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project

Outstanding features of avocado oil mill project

1 Wide application for a great number of vegetable plant seeds.
2 Small investment, fewer land space, but with the complete function of oil processing to get higher oil yield.
3 Easier to operate, easier to install and commissioning.
4 Need fewer labor than single oil press machine, with considerable design, it only needs 2~3 persons to running the whole line,
5 The semi- continuous can avoid the unstable material feeding caused by manual and make the worker safety more under the higher temperature working situation.
Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project

Example of 10 TPD avocado oil mill project

Main equipment in 10 TPD seed oil extraction line

For higher oil output, this 10 TPD oil extraction line adopts fully machanical driven equipment. Each of processing equipment works together to extract oil with higher oil yield rate. It actually achieves semi continuous oil production while liberating the workforce, which makes it ideal choice for those requires low investment, high production efficiency and high profits! Below is the main equipment in this 10 TPD seed oil extraction line.

Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project

Main function of each part

Sieve: It is designed to remove impurities in the raw material, such as stones, irons, straws, dust, plant leaves, etc.. It can increase the oil yield, improve oil and cake quality. Besides, it can better protect the avocado oil mill project from damages and ensure its working perfromance and efficiency.
Cooker: The cooking machine is designed to cook the raw material and provide a better condition to extract oil out. After cooking, the quality of final oil and cake is much higher.
Sheller: It is used to take away the shell of raw material for easy oil extraction and higher oil ouput.
Filter: It is used to filter the crude oil for edible or cooking purpose.
Screw Elevator: It is used to convey the raw material from one equipment to another one, saving labors and speeding up oil production efficiency.
Diesel Generator: It can provide power for the oil extraction line in case of power outage.
Note: If you are not sure which processing equipment your raw material is needed, which model is suitable for your raw material, or you have extrat demands for these equipment, please contact us for professional instructions!

Small line with setup oil mill project

Each year, we will provide different small oil extractions line for the world’s oil making market. Within these oil production line, most adopts Hongde setup oil mill project to facilitate oil extraction capacity and efficiency. Besides, as the leading oil machinery supplier in China, we have sufficient and reliable spare parts for the long-term operation. Below is three different projects that is equipped with setup oil mill project. For more details, please contact us!

Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project

Oil yield of Hongde small oil mill project

Hongde small oil mill project is the most powerful oil extraction machinery. It can be used to extract oil from a very wide range of materials, including ginger, sunflower, tea seed, pumpkin seeds, cotton seeds, coconut, sesame, peanut and more. It has been proved that using Hongde small oil mill project can greatly improve the oil yield.

Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project
Surely, there are some practical skills to improve oil extraction rate when using screw oil press. So, how to increase the oil yield by our small oil mill projectNow, we will tell the six tips in actual conditions.

  1. Clean and remove the impurities from the raw material
  2. Oil seeds suitable for heating press should be cooked before extraction
  3. Control the humidity of raw material
  4. Control the temperature of screw oil press, avoiding too high temperature
  5. Select good quality of the oil seeds
  6. Ensure the high quality of oil extraction machine

Output rate of small oil mill project for different raw materials

Raw Material

Oil Yield (%)

Raw Material

Oil Yield (%)

Raw Material

Oil Yield (%)





Corn embryo







Castor seed 50-70 Sunflower 45 Palm Kernel 50-55

Mustard seed








Grape seed




Reliable avocado oil mill project supplier – Hongde

For 30 years and counting, Hongde has developed advanced and efficient oil extraction solutions that make oil making easier with less investments. As the leading brand in oil making sector, Hongde understands that quality and efficient machinery help investor embrace more opportunities. Now, the company mainly supplies avocado oil mill project, such as small oil mill project and setup oil mill project, across the world.

Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project

Packing and delivery of Hongde avocado oil mill project

Choose us, you will choose quality and efficiency. we pay special attention on every details of our products, including packing and delivery. Our aim is to guarantee every customer to have the best avocado oil mill project!
Low cost setup small avocado oil mill project

Low Cost Setup Small Avocado Oil Mill Project