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Garment Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Retail, Food Shop, Energy & Mining
Showroom Location:
Indonesia, India, Kenya, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Australia
oil refinery equipment
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To be negotiated
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Henan, China
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Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.
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To be negotiated
1 Year, 12 Months
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New Product 2020
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Warranty of core components:
1 Year
Core Components:
Motor, Pressure vessel, Pump, PLC, Gear, Bearing, Engine, Gearbox
Oil type:
Flax Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Rap seed oil, SESAME OIL, sunflower seed oil, Peanut Oil, Coconut Oil
Max Capacity:
750 kg/h
Raw material:
Product name:
edible oil production line
Oil Extraction
Stainess Steel
Processing Types:
Solvent Extraction
Oil Mill Plant
Used for:
Cooking Oil Making Plant
After Warranty Service:
Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
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Turkey, Italy, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Kenya, Argentina, Colombia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan
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Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support

Sunflower oil refinery equipment sunflower oil processing equipment sunflower oil production equipment

According to its function, sunflower is divided into two kinds: oil sunflower and food sunflower.

For oil sunflower, there are about 11 common varieties, oil sunflower is with high nutritional value, oil sunflower seeds contain essential unsaturated fatty acid – linolenic acid, and the content can reach 58%~69%, Long-term use of it can play a role in health care. By consumers like one of the edible oil, known as “Health care oil” and “Health oil” beauty reputation.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

1. Pre-press workshop: Oil seeds lifting → Plane vibration cleaning screen → Flaking → Flake scraper → Cooking → Pre-pressing → Plate frame oil filter → Metering the crude oil → Crude oil tank → Refining workshop.

2. Leaching workshop: Extractor → Mixed oil filtration → Stripping tower → Metering the extracted crude oil → Refining workshop.

3. Refining workshop: pre-pressed crude oil and extracted crude oil → Fltration → Hydration (Degumming) → Alkali refining (Deacidification) → Decolorization → Deodorization → Dewaxing (Sunflower oil processing) → Refined oil.

Main Equipments

Refinery Workshop

Input: Crude oil

Main Process: Neutralization section, Decoloration section, Deodorization.

Basing on the traditional oil refining technology, Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. company has developed the latest combined packing layer plate deodorization soft tower and the physical and chemical mixed refining technology for crude oil of any quality. Moreover, a series of advanced technology and equipment are used, Sunflower oil refinery equipment sunflower oil processing equipment sunflower oil production equipment,such as super wet deguming, bleaching earth automatic metering, negative pressure decoloring, high vacuum steam jet deodorization, deacidification, winterization dewaxing etc. With advanced technology, superior equipment, full-automatic control and excellent economic and technical parameters, our equipment can meet customers’ different refining requirements at home and abroad.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

Continuous Decoloring Process Features:

The oil fully contacting with the decolorant can improve the decolorization efficiency and reduce the usage of decolorant;

The continuous and uniform material flows will balance the decoloring time and avoid the recovery of grease oxidation and acid value.

The special mixing structure of decoloring tower won’t cause the material dead area, which can avoid the adsorbent sedimentation and pipe blockage.

The continuous airtight efficient filtration equipment has realized the automation of cake discharge and reduced the labor intensity.

The advanced drying technology can reduce the oil content in filter cake.

Continuous Deodorization Process Features:

High temperature vacuum deodorization

Reduce direct steam consumption

Reduce deodorization time

Reduce the hydrolysis loss of oil and prevent oxidation

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

1.Neutralization section

The crude oil is pumped into heater exchanger and transfers heat with refined oil,and then enter into steam heater and heat to 85℃. And then add a certain amount of phosphoric acid,after high efficient mixing and enters into degumming tank for reaction.(When the machine is started, the crude oil directly enters into the steam heater for heating,PLC system will adjust crude oil pump rotation speed automatically according to feedback data and set value from flow meter.Phosphoric acid is added proportionally by a metering pump.)

We designed degumming reaction time as 30 minutes duration time,and then add a certain amount of alkaline liquor, after efficient mixing into buffer tank for neutralization, the amount of alkaline liquor depends on crude oil quality. After this,add a certain amount of hot water for alkaline reaction,which can effectively reduce the amount of residual soap in the desoap centrifuge.The amount of alkali added is automatically controlled by the flow control valve.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

The oil after alkaline reaction enters into high speed revolution centrifuge for oil and soapstock separation. The soapstock,water and impurities will drop-in soapstock tank from heavy phase outlet, and then transfer to tank for storage,it can be controlled automatically by high-low liquid level.

The oil separated by centrifugation is discharged from the light phase outlet,add a certain amount of hot water, after mixing with high efficiency mixer, oil and water are separated in the washing centrifuge, water is discharged into oil-water separation tank via heavy phase outlet, the small quantity of oil in tank is pumped into crude oil tank for refinery again, washing water is pumped into sewage workshop for processing. The neutralized oil after washing enters into drying tank for drying. After neutralization and drying,the oil is pumped into next decolorization section.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

2.Decolorization section

The neutralized oil in buffer tank is pumped to oil-oil heat exchanger for exchaging heat to 110℃ with refined oil,When driving, use steam heater to heat directly with steam. And then mix with clay and filter aid, and then enter into the first layer of vacuum decolorization tower, heat to 115℃ for drying and deaeration,and mix with clay continuously. The clay can is added proportionally by automatic dosing system. During continuous stirring, the main pigments and oxidizing substances in the oil are absorbed by the clay.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

Afterwards,the mixture of oil and clay will be filtration by alternative filter and remove used clay. The filtration oil will be filtered again via alternate fine filter,Finally, oil enters into the distillation/deodorization system via decolorization dearator tank. The clay filter operates alternately to ensure that one filter is being cleaned while the other is being used,in this way, continuous production can be completely realized.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line priceEdible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

3. Deodorization section

Steam heated decolorization oil to 110 ℃ and enter the deaerator tank, then exchange heat with deodorization oil, and then heat it in vacuum heat exchanger by high pressure steam before feed into deodorization system. The heated oil goes through a specially designed sieve tray tower,remove most of the fatty acids, then go to the deodorizer tower. Free fatty acid is removed to absolute low levels in this section, some odors in oil takes long time to remove,it will also be eventually removed or deactivated in the tray. The oil in the remaining tray is sprayed at all times with a certain ratio of stirring steam.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

The mixture of fatty acid and steam from deodorization tower is centrally fed to the capture purification device.The mixture will be cooled by recyled acid oil when pass each padding.

The acid oil and other volatile components are condensed and accumulated in the acid oil recovery tank, the level of acid tank is maintained by controlling the amount of acid oil recovered by discharging cooling. The deodorization oil pumps into padding tower for further deacidification and deodorization, and exchange heat with desoap oil and crude oil, and then polishing and filtration by alternated fine filter. Finally, heat exchange with the cooling water to cool it to the storage temperature. Before entering the storage tank, choose whether to add antioxidants according to the quality requirements.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

Dewaxing Plant

Dewaxing Process Introduction

1, The Flow Chart of Oil Dewaxing

The Refined Oil → Oil heating → Cooling Crystallization → Crystallization → Oil Filtering → Wax paste → Finished oil

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

2, Main Processes Introduction

Sunflower oil contains a small amount of wax (usually 0.06% to 0.10% of gross oil).The presence of wax not only affects the transparency and taste of oil, but also causes smoke and choking odor when cooking, which affects human health.

The wax in sunflower oil is slightly polar and dissolves in sunflower oil at temperatures above 40 °C. As the temperature decreases, the motility of the wax molecule in the oil decreases, and the polarity of the ester bond in the wax molecule increases, and particularly below 30 ° C, the wax crystallizes out and forms a relatively stable crystal. After this period of low temperature, the wax crystals agglomerate into larger crystal grains. As the storage time increases, the crystal grains of the wax gradually increase to become a suspension, and the oil becomes a suspension. The transparency of sunflower oil is reduced.

Edible sesame and sunflower oil extraction refinery equipment production line price

The machine mainly includes crystallizer tanks, refrigeration unit, Plate frame filter.

1) Oil heating

Sunflower oil is generally stored in large tanks before dewaxing. The oil temperature is lower than the melting point of wax in sunflower oil (79-81 °C), so some wax has been precipitated in the oil. If the oil is crystallized directly with this oil, it will affect the precipitation and crystallization of the wax during the whole process. In actual operation, the sunflower oil is first heated to 85 ° C, so that the precipitated wax is completely melted in the oil.

2) Cooling Crystallization & Crystallization

Pump the oil into the crystallization tank at a certain flow rate, and make the oil cool at a certain cooling rate. After a period of time, the oil will be cooled to below 24℃.

In this process, in order to increase the accumulation and collision between the separated wax particles and make the oil cool evenly, proper stirring is needed. However, the stirring speed should not be too fast, generally 10-15 r/min during operation.

Crystallizer Tank

At the same time, the cooling rate of the oil must be controlled during the crystallization process. When the oil is cooled to a certain temperature at a certain speed, the wax with high melting point with low solubility in the oil crystallizes first, the temperature continues to drop, and wax with high solubility and low melting point will also crystallize.If the cooling rate is slow enough at this time, the oil has good fluidity and slow stirring, so that the precipitated wax swims in the oil, and the wax to be precipitated when the precipitated wax collides with the wax molecules to be precipitated. The precipitation will precipitate of wax will have high melting-point wax as the crystal nucleus, attached to the original wax on the surface, make the original wax crystal nucleus increases gradually, such crystalline wax crystal grain big and strong, internal with less oil content.

However, if the cooling rate is too slow, it will affect the production.If the cooling speed is fast and the high melting point wax is just precipitated without any collision with the low melting point wax, the low melting point wax will separate out. In this way, the crystallized wax will have many and small grains. Even if the the crystal is crystallized and make the grains larger, the oil content in the grains is still relatively large and the grains are not strong, which is not conducive to the separation of oil and wax.

Plate Frame Filter

3) Oil Filtering

Sunflower oil refinery equipment sunflower oil processing equipment sunflower oil production equipment

In order to continue the crystallize and the small grains to grow bigger, when the oil cooling crystallization to a certain temperature, it should be stop stirring, and to maintain a longer crystallization time.This process is called crystallization, the time period is 12~16 hours.

After crystallization, the mixed oil need to pump into thermal discharge type winter filter to fliting. The dewaxing process is completed when the filtered dewaxing oil is pumped into the olein storage tank, the solid into stearin sotrage tank.

Plate Frame filter and crystalizing tank

Refrigeration Unit

Cooling Tower

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Edible Sesame And Sunflower Oil Extraction Refinery Equipment Production Line Price