Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory
Showroom Location:
palm OIL
Oil Refinery
Automatic Grade:
Production Capacity:
To be negotiated
Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Brand Name:
Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.
To be negotiated
To be negotiated
1 Year, 12 Months
Key Selling Points:
Marketing Type:
New Product 2021
Machinery Test Report:
Video outgoing-inspection:
Warranty of core components:
2 years
Core Components:
Motor, Pressure vessel, Pump, PLC, Gear, Bearing, Engine, Gearbox
Oil type:
Palm Oil
Max Capacity:
1000 kg/h
Raw material:
Palm fruit
Oil Extraction
Stainess Steel
Processing Types:
Solvent Extraction
Oil Mill Plant
Oil rate:
Meal Residual: 1%
Product name:
After Warranty Service:
Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service Location:
Turkey, United States, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Morocco, Argentina, South Korea, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tajikistan
After-sales Service Provided:
Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support

Automatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil press

Steriliser Station

Sterilizing process is the key process, which adopts direct steam to process, passivate activity of lipase , for preventing rancidity, hydrolysis and oxidation guarantee the oil quality, meanwhile, create good conditions for threshing,.

1. The Capstan pulls the Fruit Cages via steel wire rope, Cage Transfer Carriage do lateral , movement and move the Fruit Cages to correspondent track with Sterilizer, then enter into Sterilizer for sterilizing process via Capstan traction. The section of track under the door of sterilizer which named Trolley Rail Bridge is removable, pull it away, so the door can be closed. When sterilizing process finished, open the door, pull the Trolley Rail Bridge back connect into complete track , so Cage Transfer Carriage/Fruit Cages come out of Sterilizer successfully.

2. This project adopts horizontal sterilizers, which is traditional style ,and suitable for large tonnage handling capacity, each one capacity is 40TPH, 2 operational, 2 standby,

3. Steam exhaust Chamber can reduce noise , and when steam begin to exhaust means the air inside the sterilizer is out. Condensation Chamber is used for condensing steam, the liquid from these two chambers will feed into sludge fat pit to process.

4. The whole sterilizing process lasts 90 to 120 minutes at a temperature of 140 degrees Celsius . with 3-4 cycles.


1. The sterilized fruits will be transferred into tippler through transfer carrige and capstan.

2. The tippler emptied sterilized fruits through hydraulic system tipped, and feed into buch hopper for temporary storage.

3. The sterilized fruits will be conveyed into thresher machine for threshing through bunch conveyor

4. Thresher is the key equipment which rotated through drum and scraper with speed of 23RPM and separate fruit and empty bunch. The shaft adopts forging forming and do modulation processing which are for long service life. Inside equipped with special threshing sticks and spiral structure, which threshes fruits more complete at99% ,and greatly reduce oil loss in empty bunch.


1. The sterilized fruits will be transferred into fruit distributing conveyor through under thresher conveyor and fruit elevator, and then go into digester for digesting process.

2. The inside of digester equipped with blades and stirring structure, which can further break fruits lasts 30-60mins. By means of direct steam for digesting, the temperature maintain 90-100 degrees, and moisture of fruits can be conditioning process, so that the fruits is easier to be pressed and increase oil output.

3. The digested fruits enter into twin-screw presser which is the key equipment for squeezing oil in fruits. The oil presser adopts twin screw structure and adjust pressure in barrel and cake thickness via hydraulic system, greatly increase oil yield, and maximum reduce nut crushed rate.

4. The squeezed crude oil usually contain 66% oil,24% water, and 10% non-oil solid impurities.

5. There are several optional way for empty fruit bunch(EFB).First is returning to plantation for organic fertilizer. Second is for maing paper bag,Also could be use for making mattress , or transfered to boiler house for heating fuel.

Main Equipments

Automatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil press

Automatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil press


The sol-soluble impurities in crude oil include phospholipids, proteins, carbohydrates and so on, mainly are phospholipids. The usual degumming methods are hydration degumming and acid refining degumming. The purpose of these two methods is to remove phospholipids of different properties and remove as many colloidal impurities as possible from crude oil.

Automatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil press


Crude oil contains a large number of FFA(free fatty acids), which will affect the stability and flavor of oil. FFA can be removed by adding alkali to neutralize, which is called deacidification, also known as alkali refining.


The color of crude oil is often deeper, which contains a small amount of harmful pigments after eating. Decolorization is to remove this part of the pigment, so that edible oil bright color, let people see more appetite.


After degumming, deacidification and decolorization of crude oil, there are still special odors, a small amount of free fatty acids and aldehydes and ketones, which are the decomposition products of oxidation of some oils. Deodorization can remove these odors and make the taste of cooking oil more fragrant.


Oils and fats produced by some oils are dissolved in oil with a small amount of wax. When the oil temperature decreases, it will crystallize and precipitate, making the product turbid and affecting the appearance. At the same time, waxy edible is harmful to human body. It is necessary to remove wax from crude oil.

Company Information

Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in High-tech area, Zhengzhou, where is only 50 minutes’ drive from Zhengzhou airport and 40 minute’s to high-speed railway station. We offer pick up service to every customer.

We have above 50 senior engineers majored in technical process, mechanical, electrical, PLC control etc.

We have long term employment of senior professors from Henan University of Technology. We also built joint lab with Henan University of Technology.

The production lines designed by us in 32 provinces of China totally 33 provinces are running very well, Welcome to visit them!

Our aim is to be the first customer, service first.

1.Pre-sale Service

1) Planing good business strategy. We can provide customers with cost budgeting, market analysis, profit assessment, etc. According to large sum of data and business strategy, we can provide you with the most scientific business strategy analysis and specific business plan for you to choose.

2) Factory Visting, we can provide you the running plant, and we can also provide you professional technical explanation and knowledge training. If you want to have a knowledge about material and oil product, we can share you what you want to know.

2.Sale service

1) The most powerful technical support. We have three professional technical teams, they can supply you the most professional design and scheme and drawings.

2) The shipment, We can provide you most ideal port and arrange the reasonable shipment schedule, which can decrease the delivery cost.

3) Strong sustainable production capacity. We have the ability to manufacture the whole plant on time, such as welding robot, CNC,automatic cutting machine, pressure vessel making machine etc. which can make fabrication time more reasonable and shorter.

3.After sales service

Technical guidance and technical assistance, if you have any problem about the equipment, our engineer can direct you by email or phone to deal with it. Also, our engineer can fly to your factory to help you.

Installation and assembly, We have the most experienced engineers, they can adjust and debug oil plant for you, It guarantees the successful operation of the oil plant.

Training, if it is necessary, We will provide regular professional training and professional inspection. It can ensure the operation of the equipment safely.

Equipment repairment and maintenance. The oil plant can work the whole year,during this period, it needs maintenance with regular time. We will supply mannual book and maintenance book in advance,and if you need our direction, we will supply that in time.

Automatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil pressAutomatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil pressAutomatic palm oil refining machine refinery plant oil press

1. Which kind of materials can be processed?
All kinds of oil seeds. For example, rice bran, corn germ, cottonseeds, peanut, sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, etc.

2. Whether the machine price can be more discount?
In general, our MOQ is 1 set with very reasonable price, but if there is a large order, we also can apply to our Manager to appropriately provide you better discount.

3. How long is the delivery time ?

30-90 days varies from different plants and capacities.

4. Is your quote including spare parts ?

Yes, the quote includes one year of spare parts.

Automatic Palm Oil Refining Machine Refinery Plant Oil Press