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Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory
Palm Oil
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Henan, China
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Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Oil Extraction
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Solvent Extraction
Oil Mill Plant
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Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Video technical support, Online support

Refining of crude palm kernel oil used palm oil refining machine crude palm oil refining machine

Palm oil is through the palm fruit of fresh fruit after the crushing process palm fruit into the growth of the beam string, each about 20 to 30 kg weight contains 1500 ~ 2000 (figure 3) farmers according to the cycle of picking fruit palm fruit bouquet and must be transported to the factory processing crude palm oil quality depends on the palm fruit bouquet of intact, palm fruit once broken will be rapid deterioration, thus affecting the quality of the crude palm oil.

Palm oil and palm kernel are the main products of palm fruit crushing plant. The processing capacity is about 60~100 tons of palm fruit bundles per hour. For crude palm oil, generally through sterilization, threshing, cooking, pressing, cleaning, purification, drying and other processes.

For palm kernel, after crushing and separating, it also goes through kernel/fiber separation, kernel crushing and nucleolus separation, palm kernel drying and other processes. The dried palm kernel will be sold to palm kernel crushing plant to extract palm kernel oil.

Refining of crude palm kernel oil used palm oil refining machine crude palm oil refining machine


Sterilization as the first step of palm fruit crushing is crucial to the quality of the final product palm oil. The main purposes of sterilization are as follows:Passivation of lipase activity, prevent the rising free fatty acids palm fruit is easier to fall off from the fruit of softening the skin, make it easier for oil separation nucleolus modulation, reduce subsequent nucleolar broken sterilization process is used in the process of horizontal sterilizer, about 3 bar of the steam is piped in, cooking 60 ~ 90 minutes in recent years, with the development of technology, the sterilization process also gradually developed from intermittent (figure 7) into a continuous sterilization process, improve operational efficiency, reduce labor and energy consumption

Refining of crude palm kernel oil used palm oil refining machine crude palm oil refining machine


Threshing the main effect is to make the palm fruit from the fruit of out of the palm fruit of sterilization after beam will be transported into the drum thresher, as the rotation of the drum palm fruit from stem from the stem is the component does not contain any oil, so the wastage of the threshing process mainly comes from threshing still attached on the stem of the palm fruit after sterilization time is too short or too long will affect the loss of threshing, time is too short palm fruit removal;Over time, the stems absorb the resulting palm oil and are typically incinerated, leaving behind ash that can be used to make potash, biofuel or fertilizer for plantations.

Refining of crude palm kernel oil used palm oil refining machine crude palm oil refining machine

Boil and Press

After threshing is brought into the digester of palm fruit, to use direct or indirect steam heating cooker is installed in the belt mixing wing center axis, palm fruit then churn, high temperature, makes the flesh soft and then stripped from the stone of the fruit mixture into crushing equipment in order to help the flow of oil, will also join a mixture of hot oil and hot water collected from clarifying tank waiting for clarification, palm kernel, fiber and other impurities from the eduction in filter cake into the preparation technology of palm kernel oil

The crushing process requires the maximum extraction of palm oil from the pulp without crushing the kernels, which can contaminate the palm oil and affect the quality. The crushing rate of nuts can be effectively reduced by using secondary or multiple pressing technology.

Purification & Plarification

The mixture in the clarifier is crude palm oil, water and a few solid particles. The traditional method of clarification is gravity separation. The mixture is heated to 85~90℃ and settled for 1~3 hours. The oil on the surface is then transferred to a centrifuge to further remove impurities from the oil, which is then dried in a vacuum. The residue from the bottom of the clarifying tank also goes into the centrifuge to recover the crude palm oil, which is eventually dried in vacuum and cooled to about 45 ° c for storage.


Crude oil contains a large number of FFA(free fatty acids), which will affect the stability and flavor of oil. FFA can be removed by adding alkali to neutralize, which is called deacidification, also known as alkali refining.


The color of crude oil is often deeper, which contains a small amount of harmful pigments after eating. Decolorization is to remove this part of the pigment, so that edible oil bright color, let people see more appetite.


After degumming, deacidification and decolorization of crude oil, there are still special odors, a small amount of free fatty acids and aldehydes and ketones, which are the decomposition products of oxidation of some oils. Deodorization can remove these odors and make the taste of cooking oil more fragrant.


Oils and fats produced by some oils are dissolved in oil with a small amount of wax. When the oil temperature decreases, it will crystallize and precipitate, making the product turbid and affecting the appearance. At the same time, waxy edible is harmful to human body. It is necessary to remove wax from crude oil.

Oil Storage Tank Station

After clarification, you will get CPO which had been removed most of solid impurities and moisture, CPO pumped into oil storage tank via oil transfer pump, Here the CPO could reach crude oil index :

1. Moisture≤0.1%

2. Impurities≤0.02%

3. Acid value≤5%.

Depericarping Station

1. You get fiber nut mixture after pressing the fruit, the mixture will go into pneumatic fiber transport system through cake breaker conveyor for fiber nut separation.

2. The fiber will be transported to Boiler station for heating fuel through depericarper column ducting and fiber cyclone.

3. The nuts will be polished by Nut Polishing Drum,then come into nut destoners column via auger conveyor.

Refining of crude palm kernel oil used palm oil refining machine crude palm oil refining machine

Kernel Recovery Station

1. Nut conveyed into nut silo after grading,then stored in nut hopper temporarily.

2. When nut accumulate to a certain amount they will be crushed into shell kernel mixture by nut ripple mill, then go into Cracked Mixture Separating System through Cracked Mixture Conveyor, Cracked Mixture Elevator for two stage air separation, non-separation shell kernel mixture will be separated by CLAYBATH. Wet kernel density is 1.07,wet shell density is 1.17,and the clay density is 1.12, so wet shell sink to the bottom then enter into Shell Hopper via shell elevator and shell conveyor.

3. The separated wet kernel contain moisture 25-30%, it will be conveyed with air separated kernel into kernel silo for drying and dehydration through Wet Kernel Elevator, Wet Kernel Conveyor and Wet Kernel Distributing Conveyor. After drying to less than 7% moisture content, then transport by Dried Kernel Conveyor, Dried Kernel Elevator and Dried Kernel Distributing Conveyor. Finally arrive Kernel Storage SILO for storage.

4. Dehydrated kernel could use for palm kernel oil extraction, or for sale.

All the separated fiber and shell will be transferred to Boiler station for heating fuel through Fiber Shell Conveyor.

Palm mill Waste Water

The plant will produce about 0.65 tons of waste water for every 1 ton of palm fruit bunches. These wastewater will affect the environment due to its high acid value, high BOD value and high COD value. Generally, anaerobic or aerobic reactions in treatment pools can bring BOD to less than 100mg/L. In areas with stricter environmental requirements, more advanced processes will be used to treat the sewage.

Main Equipments

Company Information

Refining of crude palm kernel oil used palm oil refining machine crude palm oil refining machine

Henan Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. company is a famous manufacturer of oil extraction, oil refinery, oil fractionation and biodiesel plant in China. Registered capital is about 7(seven) Million USD.

Our headquarter is located in Zhenzhou City, 50 minutes’ drive from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and 40 minutes’ drive from high-speed railway station. The transportation is convenient and we have special car to pick you up. Warmly welcome your visit !!!

We have above 50 senior engineers majored in technical process, mechanical, electrical, PLC control etc. Long term employment of senior professors from Henan university of technology, experts from related scientific research institutions and international oil specialists.

We have strong R & D engineering design capabilities and own perfect scientific research, design, office hardware facilities and international advanced computer design software. We also built joint lab with Henan University of Technology.

We devoted ourselves to development of new product & new technology and have above 40 patents and proprietary technology.

The production lines by us in 32 provinces of China are running very well, Welcome to visit us. Moreover, we exported plants to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal, Burkina faso, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Russia, Italy, Hungary and other above 20 countries.

Hongde Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. Group was founded in 1999, is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after-sales service in one of the high-tech enterprises.We has established long-term strategic cooperation with henan university of technology and zhengzhou COFCO scientific research and design institute to integrate production, learning and research. It has two manufacturing bases, two special research institutes and three production line installation enterprises, and we have A1 and A2 class pressure vessel design license,manufacturing license and installation qualification.Committed to the research and development of technology, equipment and application of grain and oil industry, to provide customers with oil pretreatment&press machine,solvent extraction plant, oil refinery plant, oil fractionation plant, oil dewaxing and degreasing plant, phospholipid engineering and biodiesel production plant etc. nearly 20 kinds of production lines.

Insisting on high standard and refinement, zero defect production requirements, precision manufacturing, strictly controlled, we have received more than 60 independent patent property rights, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, OHSAS18001 certification. Professional oil technical support, on-site guidance of engineering construction and installation, insist on 365×24 hours after-sales service, has won the praise of domestic and foreign customers.

1.Pre-sale Service

1) Planing good business strategy. We can provide customers with cost budgeting, market analysis, profit assessment, etc. According to large sum of data and business strategy, we can provide you with the most scientific business strategy analysis and specific business plan for you to choose.

2) Factory Visting, we can provide you the running plant, and we can also provide you professional technical explanation and knowledge training. If you want to have a knowledge about material and oil product, we can share you what you want to know.

2.Sale service

1) The most powerful technical support. We have three professional technical teams, they can supply you the most professional design and scheme and drawings.

2) The shipment, We can provide you most ideal port and arrange the reasonable shipment schedule, which can decrease the delivery cost.

3) Strong sustainable production capacity. We have the ability to manufacture the whole plant on time, such as welding robot, CNC,automatic cutting machine, pressure vessel making machine etc. which can make fabrication time more reasonable and shorter.

3.After sales service

Technical guidance and technical assistance, if you have any problem about the equipment, our engineer can direct you by email or phone to deal with it. Also, our engineer can fly to your factory to help you.

Installation and assembly, We have the most experienced engineers, they can adjust and debug oil plant for you, It guarantees the successful operation of the oil plant.

Training, if it is necessary, We will provide regular professional training and professional inspection. It can ensure the operation of the equipment safely.

Equipment repairment and maintenance. The oil plant can work the whole year,during this period, it needs maintenance with regular time. We will supply mannual book and maintenance book in advance,and if you need our direction, we will supply that in time.

Refining Of Crude Palm Kernel Oil Used Palm Oil Refining Machine Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine