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Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop
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Sunflower/Peanut/Coconut/Cotton Seed/rice Bran Oil
Oil Production Line
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Hubei, China
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380V or 440V, 380V OR 440V
8000 KG
1 Year
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Famous brand motor
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Ordinary Product
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Warranty of core components:
1 Year
Core Components:
Motor, Other
Oil type:
Soybean Oil, SESAME OIL, sunflower seed oil, Peanut Oil, OLIVE OIL
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Video technical support
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Online support
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Sunflower/Peanut/Coconut/Cotton Seed/Rice Bran Oil Press


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2. The Pretreatment Process of Cooking Oil Production Plant

The oil material pretreatment process includes the cleaning section,breaking section,flaking section ,softening section and oil pressing section.

Cleaning: Remove most impurities from the material, such as stones, dirt, etc., to prepare for the next crushing process, improve crushing efficiency and extend machine life.
Crushing: After the crushing process, the material is broken into small pieces, which improves the efficiency of the material being pressed.
Softening process: Increase the moisture content and temperature of the material, and ultimately increase the final oil output of the material.
Flaking process: The material is pressed into pieces in this process to increase the amount of oil discharged from the material.
Extruder: The treated oil enters the squeegee from the hopper. Under the condition of high pressure, the embryo is continuously pushed inward by the screw press, and is pressed to finally produce oil.

3. The Extraction Process of Cooking Oil Production Plant

Extraction: It usually adopt an organic solvent that can dissolve the oil, through the material spray, soak, so that the oil will be extracted from the oil-bearing seeds.

DTDC: By continuously the multi-layered steam heating, the heat obtained by the solvent in the wet mash is vaporized, thereby separating the solvent from the wet meal, and removing the solvent remaining in the wet meal as much as possible.

Evaporation: The difference between the boiling point of the oil and the solvent is used to separate the solvent and the oil.

Stripper: The separated solvent can be dissolved in the selected paraffin or solvent and recovered.

4. The Refining Process of Cooking Oil Production Plant

A general term for a series of processes for removing solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipids, gums, waxes, pigments, odors, etc. contained in vegetable oils. Enhancing the nutritional value of edible oils has great benefits for human health.

Deacidification and Degumming: This step is mainly to remove the excess acid in the grease.

Decolorization: The decolorization process greatly enhances the oxidation stability of the oil, and this process also has a great influence on the subsequent deodorization process of the oil.

Deodorization: Deodorization of oil and fat not only removes odor substances in oil, but also improves the safety of oils and fats.

Filteration: Miscella mixed by oil and clay from bleaching tower is pumped into decolorizing filter.

Dewaxing process: Bleached oil enter into crystallizing tank through heat exchanger and begin the cooling crystallization process.

5. Technical parameters


Workshop Name





Extrude Press Workshop


1 Set


Material’s requirement index


Oil acid valuex1-3kg/T oil

Refining rate

1-refining consumption

Water (soften water)

150Kg/T oil

Phosphoric acid

2~3 kg/T oil

Steam consumption

700KG/T oil

Circulating water cooling water yield


Bleaching earth consumption

3-5Kg/T oil

Waste bleaching earth oil content


Refining losses

Acid valuex1.2 (chemical refining)
Acid valuex 0.6 (physics refining)

Bleaching losses

The quantity of bleaching earth×0.25%

Electric consumption

28Kwh/T oil

Deodorization loss consumption


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Sunflower/peanut/coconut/cotton Seed/rice Bran Oil Press