Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Other
Showroom Location:
Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uzbekistan
Palm Oil
Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Automatic Grade:
Automatic, Automatic
Production Capacity:
10~1000T/D, 98%
Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Brand Name:
according to the specification
30000 KG, changed with the capacity
1 Year
Key Selling Points:
High Productivity
Marketing Type:
New Product 2020
Machinery Test Report:
Not Available
Video outgoing-inspection:
Warranty of core components:
1 Year
Core Components:
Motor, Pressure vessel, PLC, Gear, Bearing
Oil type:
Palm Oil
Max Capacity:
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Material of equipment:
stainless steel and carbon steel
Raw material:
fresh palm fruit
automatic and safe
palm oil making equipment

palm oil equipment

30T/H separate palm fruit from fruit bunch//fresh palm fruit thresher

Technical and Performance Indexes in Palm Oil Pressing Workshop

(1)Crude palm oil standard:


Less than 5 %

Moisture :

Less than 0.1 %


Less than 0.02 %

(2)Kernel Standard :

Broken Kernel:

Less than 15 %


Less than 7 %


Less than 6 %

Palm Fruit Pressing Process Description

The palm oil is contained in palm pulp, the pulp is high moisture content and rich lipase. Usually we adopt the method of press to produce it, and this technology is very mature. Before press , Fresh fruit bunch will be taken sterilizer and thresher pretreatment : After weighting the FFB , it is loaded the FFB conveyor by loading ramp, then the FFB will convey to the vertical sterilizer. FFB will be sterilized treatment in sterilizer, the FFB will be heated and sterilized treatment for several time to avoid the lipase be hydrolyzed , after sterilizer ,the FFB is distributed bunch conveyor by the mechanical bunch feeder and enter the thresher machine which separate the palm fruit and bunch , for the empty bunch ,it is conveyed empty bunch loading platform and transport it to outside the factory area at fixed period , the empty bunch could be used as fertilizer and repeat use ; The palm fruit which has passed sterilizer and thresher processing should be sent to digester and then go to special screw press to get the crude palm oil (CPO) form the pulp . But the pressed palm oil contain a lot of water and impurity which need to be clarified by sand trap tank and treated by the vibrating screen ,afterward the CPO will be sent to clarification station treatment section . For the wet fibre cake which be produced by screw press, after separating nut, it will be sent to boiler house to burnt.

malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hourmalaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour

The wet fiber cake contain wet fiber and wet nut, the fiber contain about 6-7% oil and fat and a few of water .Before we produce the nut, we should separate the nut and fiber . Firstly, the wet fiber and wet nut enter the cake breaker conveyor to be cracked, and mostly of the fiber should be separated by pneumatic fiber depericarper System. The nut, little fiber and big impurity will be further separated by the polishing drum. The separated nut should be sent to nut hopper through the pneumatic nut transport system, and then adopt the ripple mill to crack the nut, after cracking , most of the shell and kernel will be separated by cracked mixture separating system, and the rest of mixture of kernel & shell enter to the special clay bath separating system to separate them, after this processing , we could get pure kernel(The shell content in kernel <6%),which should be conveyed to the kernel silo to dry. After dried moisture as 7%, the kernel will be conveyed to kernel storage bin for storage; Usually the dry kernel’s capacity ratio is 4% . So it should be collected until enough quantity, and then be sent to the palm kernel oil mill; For the separated shell, it should be conveyed to shell temporary bin as the spare boiler fuel.

malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hourmalaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour

After screen and sand trap tank, the palm oil should be sent to crude oil tank and heat , then be pumped continuous clarification tank to separate the purified oil which be sent to pure oil tank and the sludge oil which be sent to sludge tank , whereafter the sludge oil should be pumped to the centrifuge to separate, the separated oil enter the continuous clarification tank again; The pure oil in the pure oil tank should be sent to the oil purifier , and then enter the vacuum dryer , at last the dried oil should be pumped collection tank.

malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hourmalaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hourmalaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour

malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hourmalaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour

Refining section

Henan HongDe can provide you with 10 to 25 kilograms (test equipment), 2 to 1,000 tons / day of oil refining projects , Henan HongDe naturally is your preferred partner for different oil quality. in Henan HongDe here are different options, batch chemical refining, semi-continuous physical refining, continuous physical refining program, where Henan HongDe provide you with the design (process, civil, electrical), manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training of technical personnel to the sale a full-service; advanced automatic control system to ensure that the entire production line of automatic, smooth operation; heat saving each segment to ensure that the processing costs to a minimum.

The main refining plant processes: degumming, dehydration, bleaching, deacidification, deodorization, dewaxing, degreasing. Crude oil in squeeze, extraction crude oil
can be obtained national quality standards of edible oil through
refining plant

Refining workshop process: fully continuous refining equipment, refining equipment, and semi-continuous batch refining equipment.

HongDe Oil refining machinery characteristics:
1, continuous alkali refining shorten the contact time of oil and lye, reduce fat saponification, low power consumption and improve efficiency;
2, bleaching and steam stirring decolorization premixed combination of technology, improve the decolorization efficiency, saving the amount of clay, simple operation; a negative pressure and oxygen in the air to avoid contact with hot oil, to ensure the quality of oil, acid value rise suppression, reduce excessive oxidation number.
3, using the new continuous physical refining deacidification deodorization, deacidification deodorizing suitable for high acid value and low gum content of the vegetable oil, the actual production proves that the process has the following salient features: strong acid removal ability, good heat decolorization, refining rate, good quality oil.
4. The process multiple heat exchange systems take advantage of the heat, reduce steam consumption, the production process also has an adjustable, flexible operation, high automatic degree of sanitation.

Applicable oil: soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, palm oil, copra oil, rice bran oil, animal oil all need refining oil.

Refining plant capacity: 10-1000T / D

malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour

Abroad projects


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2015 Henan HongDe Singed 20T Semi-continuous Palm Oil Physical Refining Equipment in Nigeria


2015 Henan HongDe Palm Oil Physical Deacidification and Deodorization Equipment in Peru

malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour


malaysia palm oil mill and vacuum dryer palm oil mill 30 ton per hour

Malaysia Palm Oil Mill And Vacuum Dryer Palm Oil Mill 30 Ton Per Hour